Top Summer Jobs For 17 Year Olds

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This summer without wasting time start searching jobs for 17 year olds, there are many opportunities on the internet that you may want to avail.

Many of the young students wish to look for jobs during the summers. Main reasons for that might not be the financial issues, but it might be because many students want to increase their exposure towards the actual practical life.

If you are also searching for jobs for 17 yearolds, you have reached the right spot. Summers is the right time for employment as students are free. Therefore, we have listed down a few of them below. Do read the entire article and then decide which position you should apply for after taking an analysis of your skills as well as the requirements of the situation.

Here is a list of easy jobs for teens:

1. Freelancing

The world of freelancing is increasing day by day which is one reason why freelancing is a good option. For those who do not know what freelancing is, it is that is assigned a task over the internet by someone which you have to complete in the required time, and you get paid for it. Simple examples of freelancing tasks are content writing, graphic designing, logo making and others etc. The primary requirement is a laptop and internet. The best part about these jobs for 17 year olds is that freelancing can be done at the comfort of your home without having any bother. Make an account on any freelancing website today, and you are good to go. Some of the most common freelancing sites include Freelancer, UpWork and Fiverr etc.

2. Sales Agent

Since 17 year olds do not have that much of an experience, they cannot take the high-end jobs, but they can apply for the junior posts such as that of a sales agent. These jobs for 17 year olds include making sales on behalf of a company and earning a certain percentage as a commission. There is a fixed basic salary as well, and there is a flexible working schedule too. Being a sales agent can be your job in the upcoming summers. Try it out! Now. Many deodorant companies offer the positions of sales agents. Many other companies do too.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the same as to that of a sales agent, but it is different in the way that mostly it is done on the internet. Take the example of that provides its affiliate program. All you have to do is to promote the product either through your blog or with some other means. Once someone buys the product using your link, pays you a certain percentage of the sale. Isn’t it a fantastic way to earn fast cash?  Amazon offers its affiliate program, and so does eBay, gear best, and other websites.

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4. Call Centre Jobs

Call centre jobs are also a great way to earn cash this summers. Call centre jobs are mainly for students as they require less work and the timings are flexible as well. Also, call centre jobs assist in public exposure and develop the marketing skills of a professional too. All you need to do is to sit and draw a few numbers and promote the products of a specific company. There is a fixed payment for this job. Call centre jobs can also be in the form of customer care helplines that provide help to the customer in a natural way.

5. Tuitions

For students who are good at studies, tuition jobs suit well. These jobs for 17 year olds only require your ability to teach and a good knowledge of the subject that you are willing to show. Many students pick the task of explaining in summers as it is quite beneficial since it refreshes their learning and gives them an excellent chance to polish their skills as well. Tuitions are a unique way to earn money so don’t wait!


Coming down to the leading end, we can say that there are several jobs for 17-year-olds which can help them in earning a right amount of cash soon. What makes it even more beneficial is the fact that they are free to choose from all the jobs mentioned above as all of them require some basic understanding and not anything advanced is involved.

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