Simple Condo Interior Design Hacks That You Have Been Searching For

Normally when we take a look at the numerous condo interior design ideas, inspirations and hacks, a particular thought does always manage to cross our minds: “Wow, this is some pricey stuff”. Well, we are here to solve that problem!

Gone are the days where you had the worry about finding affordable hacks which would allow you to personalize your condo a bit, according to your taste, all the while making it look more ‘put together’. We have for you a few simple, easy and highly affordable hacks that are guaranteed to make your living space look instantly more personalized and alive!

Decide On A Theme!

First and foremost, you must decide on the theme that you are going for. Any items that you will buy, the way you will place the items all depend upon the energy of the room that you are going for. The theme of a condo can be something like Vintage, Monochrome, Retro, etc., and it can even be something as generic as Pastel Colors, Blue, Yellow, and so on.

After deciding on the theme, you need to look into the said theme’s contrasting colors. Google will be more than happy to assist you with this task, as it can provide you with pre-made color wheels. A theme will really make the picture of what you are going for clear.

Plant, Plants & More Plants!

It’s true, the power of nature makes everything instantly pop! If you condo is looking dull, lacking life, freshness and personality, add a few plant! You can go for tall vases with leafy plants, small fake flower pots in the middle of the dining table, dried flowers in glass bottles, small succulents, or a table-top cactus pot – the choice is yours and it is endless.

Even small plants or just a tiny bit of the natural green has the power to bring a burst of life throughout your condo and is bound to make you feel healthier, and therefore, happier.

Embrace The Throw-Pillows

Condo looks too black & white and not comfy & cozy? Add throw-pillows. We tend to associate pieces like throw-pillows and throw-blankets as something that makes up for the cozy level of a living space. Adding big, soft and plushy throw-pillows to your couch, table chairs and your bed will promote a sense of comfort. It must be noted that this hack also works best with a variety of different throw-pillows, most of different shapes and sizes.

It must also be noted that one should choose throw-pillows according to the set theme. If you wish to have the best of the best condo interior design, then even your throw-pillows must follow the basic sketch of the decided theme, and its associated color pallet.

Give Away The Useless

Lastly, since condos have limited space, you must throw away the old to make room for the new. Most times, we have certain pieces of furniture or decoration that we do not use and which doesn’t even follow our theme. However, due to our knack of hoarding, we stick to these pieces. Well, de-clutter your condo and make more room for life.

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