Simple Beautiful Decor Inspirations That You Have Been Yearning For

With any apartment, condo, or house, decor is not just about the feel of a place, but rather it is an art that must be experimented with and explored!This means that in order for you to add a bit of life, color and personality into your living space, you must first embrace the art coursing through your veins.

Most individuals, when faced with decoration decisions, tend to get quite overwhelmed with the possibilities, the budget and the need to see its execution. If you too are feeling this overwhelmed, or even if you feel at a complete loss for any ideas or inspirations, then do not fret because we are here with simple beautiful decor ideas that will help you in making a decision for your beloved space.

Decoration is sometimes less about decorative pieces and more about what communicates to you and adds to the feel of the house. Thus, instead of looking over at pieces, we are going to look over at some general decor ideas which are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing!

Decide On A Theme!

First and foremost, before you consider buying any decor items, contemplate and decide on a theme. When we say ‘theme’, we do not mean something like a Disney, Vintage, Retro, Japanese theme; a theme can even be just a color pallet of your choosing which communicates an abstract idea. Like for example, some people opt to go for monochrome, with a mix of black, white, grey and no fourth color (save for plants). This color pallet might communicate towards them a classy vibe, a hotel vibe, etc.

Some of the cool themes to consider are pastels, vintage, retro, etc. Experiment and research on the different themes – its a free world! The first key tip for simple beautiful decor is to imagine if the selected theme communicates the type of a person that you are without you having to say a word; if it does, then that’s your vibe and you should go for it!

Time To Bring In The Greenery

Once the theme is up and running, it is time to add in the life! Beware: no matter the colors of the place (yellow, pastels, etc.) a place will fail to look alive, fresh and healthy if there is an absence of some potted, hanging or table-top plants. Of course, it is best to have real plants for this simple beautiful decor, but if your space is a poor environment for the plants of your choice, then you can even opt for fake plants. However, be careful to select only those fake plants which look real.

A Splash Of Throw Pillows And Baskets

Need a cool simple beautiful decor hack: Throw pillows, and simple twine or metal baskets!Throw-pillows never go out of style. Not only do they bring a style to the place, they also bring with them a vibe of a comfortable and cozy home environment. Once you have a theme set, you can purchase your throw-pillows accordingly.

Moreover, twine or metal baskets (depending on the theme) are a great economical decor to store belongings like magazines, blankets, etc.

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