Re-Decorating? Here Are Some Tips To Kick-start The Process!

Decorating or re-decorating can seem like a task which is full of numerous and varies opportunities. However, the reality of it can be quite different as it becomes almost impossible to decide on decor, its placement and its theme. But you mustn’t fret any longer, because we are here, equipped with a few pointers that are bound to help you drive inspiration and decide on what you like best for your home.

It must be noted that hiring an interior decorator in Ottawa is an excellent option as well. These trained individuals are educated in recognizing the angles and choosing the best decorative ways to accentuate them. They will help you in deciding everything; from the wall paint to the ash-tray. However, if you first wish to give interior decorating a try yourself, then keep on reading!

1)Its All In The Lighting

When it comes to working with the angles of a space, interior decorators in Ottawa swear by the art of lighting. With the rightly positioned light, you can help accentuate the best features of your home. If you do not wish to go into the dept of lighting angles, you can try to work with a much simpler rule of thumb: the more lights, the better. This means that having big windows, positioned towards the sun or having numerous lights around the house is the way to go. Moreover, see and determine if a room is much more suited with white or yellow lights. The color can work wonders with a room.

2)Light Colored Paints Are Your Best Friend

If you have ever hired an interior decorator in Ottawa, they must have mentioned how you can manipulate the color of the wall in order to make a room feel larger, fresher, or cozier. Here is a pro tip: if your space is limited or if you have a lot of furniture, go for light paints. Whites, creams and pastels will work best in this scenario. With darker paints, the room can look much smaller than it really is.

3)Rugs And Area Mats Can Work Wonders

Does your place feel too empty despite the fact that you have arranged all the sorts of furniture that could have fit into the room? Well, you might probably be missing an area mat or rug. With a variety of rugs present in the market – from simple printed rugs to the fluffy kind – you can figure out the theme and buy a mat according to it.

4)Add Some Green On The Go

Figuring out a way to make the place feel fresher? Try plants. Loads and loads of plants, big and small. Recommended by the best interior decorators in Ottawa, some green can not only make your house feel fresher, but healthier as well. You can try real or fake -either would work wonders. A few spots where you can place the plants are on the window-sills, the center of the table, on either side of the television, or even use hanging pots! The possibilities with plants are endless.

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