Ontario G1 Tests to Help You Pass the Exam

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Practicing Ontario G1 tests is a surefire way to help you ace your learner’s driver’s test in Ontario. From afar, the whole process may seem too stressful but don’t let that intimidate you from putting off the test.

While the actual Ontario G1 test may differ from the practice G1 tests you’ll find online. But solving sample G1 tests will help you get a better score.

In this guide, you’ll find a number of practice G1 tests that’ll help you prepare for your exam.

G1 Practice Test: Road Signs

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Ontario G1 Test Questions Video

Popular FAQs for Passing the G1 Exam

Here are some questions you may have regarding Ontario G1 Tests:

How many questions are there on the G1 exam?

The G1 test comprises of two main sections. One is dedicated to road signs while the other is to test your knowledge about the rules of the road. Both sections consist of 20 questions that are to be solved in a multiple-choice format. Candidates can skip 4 questions and still pass the exam, as long as they get the remaining 16 questions right in both sections.

How much do I have to score to pass the G1 exam?

The G1 exam comprises of two tests and candidates must correctly answer at least 16 questions out of a total of 20 on each test. In case you fail one or both the tests, you’ll have to opt for a re-take after paying a certain fee.

When will I be eligible for a full G Ontario driving license?

After securing your G1 license, you must follow a waiting period of 12 months before you can opt for a G2 road test. The waiting period for candidates enrolled in Ontario driving school is 8 months. This must be followed by another waiting period of 12 months after which you are eligible for a full G Ontario driving license.

Where can I prepare for the test?

You can study for the G1 exam by going through the Ontario Driver’s Handbook as that’s where all the questions come from. You can find this handbook available online or get yourself a copy from your local DriveTest Centre.

The handbook contains a list of information about the road signs, rules, laws and other important details that drivers must know about.

Where can I give the G1 Test?

All tests are conducted in Ontario DriveTest Centres. This is a private company that specifically handles driver testing in Ontario.

You must first pass the written test and hold your G1 license for the stated time period in order to qualify for the subsequent road test. Both these tests can be taken at nearest testing centre in your location.

When will my G1 test expire?

Your G1 test will expire within five years. This is why it’s crucial you earn your complete G license within the stated period of 5 years if you want to avoid taking a retest.

Once you have successfully earned your full G license, you will merely have to renew your driver’s license every 5 years.

I have poor writing/reading skills, what can I do?

Candidates that aren’t comfortable with a written exam can opt for a verbal test that is administered by an employee. However, candidates will have to make a special appointment for this.

Consequently, you can also opt for a computerized test with audio capabilities. For this, you’ll have to find a testing centre that offers this facility.

How will this G1 practice test help me?

This G1 sample test will help you prepare for the G1 test and will give you an idea of what to expect in the exam. While this is simply a g1 mock test, it will follow the same format as the real test.

Once you have practised these questions, you’ll be able to evaluate your performance. Then you can work towards ensuring that you pass the the G1 exam. Our comprehensive practice exam covers a number of road sign questions along with other important topics that you’d expect in the exam.

How much does this G1 practice test cost?

These Ontario G1 tests are available completely free of charge. They are specifically designed to help new and young drivers prepare for their driver’s test. Solving online practice tests is a great way to prepare yourself for the real exam.

By putting in a little bit more extra effort, we’re certain that you’ll be able to pass the G1 exam on your first try.

How close are these practice questions to the real test?

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll pass your exam after going through all these questions, we sincerely hope it’ll increase the chances of a successful outcome.

Though there is no certain way to determine if these questions will appear in your actual G1 test, our practice questions are quite similar to the real deal. We have carefully created these questions to mirror what candidates might expect in their Ontario driving test.

That being said, we have tried our hardest to ensure the test Ontario G1 tests will benefit license seekers and young drivers.

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