5 Addictive Keyboarding Online Games to Improve Typing

Web & desktop applications available for keyboarding online can be beneficial for people and kids (or parents) looking to improve their typing speed and accuracy. However, apps that teach people to type can be extremely boring; and similar to a boring teacher, a run of the mill application for keyboarding online is not going to do any good for the students.

If you’re looking to improve your typing skills, a great way to learn is through a keyboarding application or a game that can engage you in a fun way. Such an application will gamify your learning process, making you better, quicker and sharper at typing.

Here are some addictive keyboarding online games, that can help you improve your typing skills drastically. So if you’ve been wanting to get better at typing, or are looking for a keyboard learning solution for your kids, these free games can be extremely useful.


1. Keyboard Ninja

A Fruit Ninja style game that takes you on a typing journey to slice fruits with the letters on your keyboard.

Play Keyboard Ninja

2. Z-Type

A very cool space shooter game forcing the player to type the letters on each enemy ship before destroying it. It gets faster after each wave to raise the bar.

Play Z-Type


3. Keyboarding Game by BigBrownBear

A very minimalistic and simple keyboarding game that keeps track of correct and incorrect key presses. Too many mistakes can take your score in the negative.

Play Keyboarding Game by BigBrownBear


4. Keyboard Mayhem

A crazy game where you have to type the words as fast as possible to keep the beast at bay.

Play Keyboard Mayhem


5. Typing Race

A racing game where you would have to type your way through traffic.

Play Typing Race

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