Here Is How You Can Draw Decor Inspiration From Your Apartment Floor Plans

Here is a cool new take on the uses of apartment floor plans: using them to briefly draw up decorations inspirations, along with the theme and the color pallet to be used.

When it comes to the interior decoration of an apartment, condo or house, we have a ton of ideas running through our minds and a total blank state, at the same time. On one hand, there are at least five different decor ideas, themes and colors that you wish to go for. While on the other hand, you have absolutely no idea what to do with your living space. This can leaving one to feel quite overwhelmed, which in some cases, even leads to stress. However, what if we tell you that there is a way through which you can try out the different type of themes, colors and furniture placement without actually doing anything? Well, the legendary way is through the use of apartment floor plans and a sweet virtual designing software.

But What Are Apartment Floor Plans?

It is a drawing of the apartment, condo or house made in accordance with proper measurement and scales. The picture that it creates is from a bird view, i.e. the view from above. It scales and takes into account the measurement of each wall and furniture and establishes a basic placement design and apartment model accurately.

While most of the floor plans are black and white, with just the rooms, their size and placement highlighted, some advanced floor plans are also digital, include color, furniture placement and even the wallpapers, paint color, theme of the apartment, etc. You can use websites like Room Sketcher to take a look at examples and decide how you wish for your own apartment to look. It is simple, easy and highly effective!

However, it must be noted that some individuals are not as handy with such software. If that is the case with you then there is no need to fret! You can take help from a freelancer or a professional working in the field!

Lets Dive Into The Workings Of The Game

The game is a simple one: try out all of your ideas and keep short listing them until you reach a final decision!

The basic understanding is that here, you can try different furniture placements and find out where you think that your apartments looks the best. The same thing goes for the paint color, etc. Try out yellow, blue, purple and all the colors you were too afraid to give a try with real walls. Find which looks best with your apartment and the furniture and go with that color!

With the color pallet established, you may also find it easier to shop for last minute items like throw-pillows, table-top plants, rugs, etc.

It’s Economical!

One of the best things about this hack is that it is quite economical! We all know just how expensive house painting, wallpapers and decoration can be. This expense leaves no room for second guessing after the job is done. Thus, in order to minimize disappointment and maximize satisfaction, one can take use of the hack involving apartment floor plans.

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