Have A Condo In Toronto That Needs Cleaning? Here Are Some Tips!

Cleaning is probably the worst part about living in a condo. However, it is also one of the most leading tricks to adding life and years to your condo, which is why it is a matter that should not be taken lightly.

For a condo to look like it is cared for, it is important that it is cleaned thoroughly, at least once a week. Not only does it lead to the condo looking more neat, it is also healthier for the residents as nasty bacteria can develop in unclean places.

For the people living in Toronto, life is a continuous fast routine. Its running right and left at all times and being left with barely any time to nurture your living space. Thus, for you here today, we have some great and easy condo cleaning Toronto edition hacks, which will grant you a shiner looking living space!

Lemon For Garbage

Lemon is a natural acid with a fresh smell. It is completely organic and most people already buy it as part of their everyday grocery. If you are suffering with a bad smelling home due to the garbage then here is a simple Condo Cleaning Toronto Edition Hack: just add thin slices of lemon into your garbage and wait as the nasty smell fades away in a few minutes!

Nice & Shiny, Clean Floors

For our next Condo Cleaning Toronto Edition Hack, we have the rule of 3: water, detergent and a rag. Simply mix a bit of detergent with water and use a rag to scrub the floors. This will not only leave your floor looking like new, but it will also smell clean and be bacteria free. It must be noted that this hack works wonders if done everyday.

Clean Taps

Don’t we all hate it when our taps and shower handles have the hideous water spots on them? Not only are these spots hideous, they are also ridiculously hard to get rid of! However, there is no need to fret anymore because this next Condo Cleaning Toronto Edition Hack will save the day! Spraying a bit of vinegar on the spots and then wiping it off a few minutes later will leave your taps looking like brand new!

No More Shower Scum

Say goodbye to the yuck-y shower scum with this next Condo Cleaning Toronto Edition Hack! A simple mixture of vinegar with dish soap will rid you of all the shower scum that you have been trying to since forever. Simply use a sponge to scrub the scum away and your shower space will look nice, shiny and new.

Shiny Steel Appliances

If you have steel appliances then you must be familiar with the ugly fingerprint markings all over them. However, here is a cool way to clean them: simply scrub some rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth. If you wish to take a step further, then you can also scrub a bit of olive oil on them, as it will make your appliances look shiny and brand new!

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