5 Best “Get to Know Me” Instagram Story Templates

One of the first and the most widely used Instagram Story templates that people use is the “Get to Know Me” Instagram Story template.

Who doesn’t want people to like, comment, or engage with their content when they share something on social media? Secretly, don’t we all want that?

Too much of that is not quite healthy for you, but a little attention from your followers can help you popularize yourself and give your followers a little sneak peek into who you are as a person.

Check out our list of funny conversation starters to get some more ideas for your Instagram stories.

There might be friends, family, and followers on Instagram who never knew specific things about you. So a getting to know me template for your Instagram story could be a great way for you to raise a curtain about your personality.

Heck, you may even raise some eyebrows along the way :p.

Meaningful Get to Know Me Instagram Story Templates

Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your followers. Especially if you are starting to build a more intimate connection with them.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some nice get to know me Instagram story templates that you can start using right away to engage with your Instagram audience and spark meaningful conversations with them.

About Me Instagram Story Template

This is the most basic get to know me template for your Instagram story. You can use this to initiate a series of get to know me posts and stories over a number of days.

Get to Know Me Through Emojis Instagram Story Template

What is a more fun way of engaging with your audience than using emojis? This get to know me template forces you to be creative and utilize different emojis to express your personality.

Get to Know Me Story Template for Instagram: High School Edition

The high school edition template of Instagram stories will help your peers to get to know you better. And you might end up making some new friends and acquaintances on the way.

Who knows you might turn out to be the “new” cool kid on the block.

Get to Know Me a Little More Instagram Story Template: “The Last Time I…”

Feeling a little adventurous? May tell people some daring (and not so daring things about you.)

Use this “Last time I…” Instagram story template for your audience to get to know you more than just your personality.

An insight in to your hobbies maybe?

Get to Know My Personality Instagram Story Template

Take your get to know me game a little further. A little more about yourself with things like the latest song stuck in your head, or what you can or cannot live without?

Ask your followers to share the same with you.

And there you have it…

… Some Cool Instagram Story Templates for Your Followers to Get to Know Your Better

Feel free to use any of these get to know me templates for your Instagram Stories. Engage with your audience. Let them get to know you better.

Adding a “get to know you” story every week or so helps to strengthen your social community bonds. Let us know if you would like us to create more of these Instagram story templates.

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