Tuesday, June 2

Garage Condo: The Life You Are Missing Out On!

The high-class population can relate: There just isn’t much storage space to store all the cars! Despite the abundance of jokes aimed at people who own a good deal of cars, boats, jet skis, etc., we cannot ignore that it is, in fact, a pressing issue for many of us. These “toys” are not just toys, they are our passion, communicated through our hobbies, they are an identification and they become our babies. Thus, with the need to keep having these items looking shiny and oh-so-classy, having an efficient storage space becomes vital.

Many people who share the similar enthusiasm for classy cars and your own collection of boats and jet skis understand how even just a little spec of dirt or scratch on these items can actually feel like a physical injury to the self. Like a mother who carefully takes care and nurtures her child, regardless of its age, we enthusiasts too take care and respond to every need of our items. We are ready to sacrifice our sleep and our comfort, if only it would mean that our babies will get some extra pampering.

Taking all of these associated emotions and feelings into consideration, why not invest into a garage condo today?

But What Is a Garage Condo?

A Garage Condominium is a large storage space that you can invest in and own, in order to keep your belongings, possessions, seasonal decorations and just about anything that requires storing! Moreover, the space can be customized according to your taste and style, proving it to be the perfect space to store your most prized possessions.

Why Consider A Garage Condo?

One of the most common question, playing on the lips of every enthusiast is: why should one invest in a garage condo when they are very well and capable of building one on their property? The answer to it is that getting one built is a bad investment while purchasing a garage condominium is a smart investment.

The logic is simple: while it costs an average of $25’000 to build a garage, it has quite a low Return of Investment in the market, according to statistics. Opposed to the $70’000 condominium, which has a 100% Return of Investment, proving i to be a much smarter choice! A simple fact is that an average person does not stay in the same house for forever, and eventually when the time to come to sell your house, many interested potential buyers might steer clear due to the added price of the built-in garage on the property. Thus, having a garage condo on a location which is easily accessible, regardless of the house is a smart choice. Moreover, it has a higher chance of being re-sold, should you wish.

Time to Research and Consider

As it is a big decision, we urge you to dive headfirst into your laptop and research on the different uses and benefits of garage condos before making any decision. Here’s to a wonderful, custom-built garage, housing all your most prized possessions!

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