The Essential Camping Food List

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No wilderness weekend getaway is complete without an essential camping food list!

After all, there’s nothing exhilarating then cooking up a fresh meal in the great outdoors. Plus, there are always snacks and munchies to look forward to. In all this excitement, you probably wouldn’t want to leave anything behind.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled this ultimate essential camping food list that’ll make grocery shopping a breeze.

Camping Food Checklist

When packing for camping, space is premium (it’s no fun lifting a heavy rucksack!). Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of essential food items you’ll be needing:

  • Water – Can’t survive without water now, can we? If you’re feeling a bit too adventurous, you can also include water purification tablets or a filtration gadget.
  • Hot dogs – Hot dogs are the ultimate camping food. You can roast ‘em up in the campfire while enjoying the night out with your family.
  • Veggies – Pack veggies such as carrots, tomatoes, and onions if you’re planning on cooking up a delicious stew.
  • Fruits – You might as well eat healthy if you’re going to be close to nature for the weekend. You can also make fruit cups for your kids, this could include berries, oranges, and pears.
  • Jerky – Not only is this snack full of protein but it also doesn’t require cooling. So, you’d be good to go for the weekend.
  • Pasta – Alternatively, you can pack other varieties if your favorite carbohydrates.
  • Dried meats – Dried meats such as saucisson and Chorizo are excellent protein-packed options for snacking, lunch or for adding to your one pot meals.

No-Cook Camping Food List

Don’t want to spend your weekend away in front of the fire? Here is no cook camping food list that you’ll thank us for:

  • Granola – It’s dry, it’s healthy and it doesn’t take up much room. Stock up on some granola if you want to start your morning with an energetic kick.
  • Canned goods – This could either include canned peas, tuna, salmon or practically any other form of protein of your choice. Canned soups and beans are also an excellent option for keeping warm during winter nights.
  • Bread – Can’t start the morning without a slice of bread and peanut butter? That’s no reason you can’t enjoy your favorite carbs while out camping.
  • Cheese – What’s a great sandwich without some cheese?

Desserts & Sweet Treats: Camping Food List

Do you have a sweet tooth? No reason to deprive yourself of your favorite treats. Here are a couple of camping appropriate sweet treats you can add to your list:

  • Rice pudding – Yup, good old rice pudding is a safe and fuss-free dessert that’s perfect for camping.
  • Chocolates – Okay, we agree that this snack isn’t exactly great for hot weather but it absolutely deserves a spot on this list. This cocoa goodness can be used for making a delicious batch of hot cocoa or perhaps while making banana boats.
  • Marshmallows – S’mores, anyone? Don’t forget to add graham crackers to the list.

Snacks & Munchies: Camping Food List

What’s a campfire without some marshmallows? Stock up on your favorite snacks if you want to make the most out of your trip. Here are a few snacks that your kids will love:

  • Bacon – Need we say anything else?
  • Trail mix – The perfect non-messy snack for car rides and long hiking trails. You can pick up a packet of trail mix from the store or make your own at home.
  • Assorted nuts – Top it up with some cereal and oatmeal and you’ve got yourself a healthy meal. Add some dried fruit to the mix for some extra sweetness.
  • Candies – Not exactly the healthiest snack but everybody deserves a sweet treat every now and then, right?
  • Salted peanuts – This is the perfect high energy snack that’ll keep you pumped up during your long walks. Plus, the salt in the sodium will replenish all the sodium that you’ve sweated out. However, make sure you hydrate yourself too.
  • Crisps and chips – Can’t enjoy a camp out without crisps and chips now, can’t you? Make yourself some cool dips and you’re good to go.

Absolute Camping Essentials

Here are a few camping essentials that you should stock up on:

  • Salt and pepper
  • Cooking oil
  • Spices
  • Herbs
  • Ketchup

Camping Cooking Essentials

You can’t prepare your favorite meals if you don’t have the right cooking essentials. Here are a couple essentials you ought to pack:

  • Cooler – Yup, you’ll need a cooler for packing drinks and fresh food. An ice chest would also work but it all depends on how much space you have.
  • Utensils – This pretty much includes cutlery and basic utensils such as pots and pans. You might also want to include a matchbox in case of emergencies. Also include a cutting board, a mixing bowl and some a plate for each camper.
  • Camp stove – It’s worth mentioning that not all campgrounds may have a grill. So, save yourself from starvation and carry your own camp stove. A two-burner with a windscreen is an excellent choice. It’ll make it easier for you to boil water and clean up your dishes.
  • Charcoal – You can’t whip up those grilled goods without some charcoal.
  • Can opener  Canned goods are a life saver for days you’re too lazy to cook up a fresh batch of food. So, don’t forget your trust can opener.

Have something to add?

We hoped you enjoyed our elaborate camping food list? Have something to add? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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