Different Sushi Types

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Sushi is one of the perfect examples when it comes to exploring different Japanese cuisines, Just like salmon and tuna, different sushi types are also found throughout the year. Tourists visiting the country get the opportunity to try out some of the high quality sea food offered during the season with a lot of live sushi counters that serve fish, fresh out of the sea. Read through this list of sushi types to find out more about their varieties.


Different Types of Sushi!

How many types of Sushi are there?

Sushi takes on the western appearance outside of Japan, in the form of salmon, California rolls, and avocado rolls. But, there is huge range of different sushi types that may be beyond what you already know. Having flavors of different kinds, there are several different kinds of sushi continuing to develop in japan since the eight century.


It is also called the “norimaki”. It refers to a specific sushi type in which there is rice and different ingredients rolled in a nori seaweed. This is later cut into pieces that are small in size. It is believed that this tempting sushi came into existence during the early 1700s. After a while sheet nori was invented through a technique similar to paper making.

Norimaki is made up of two words. Nori- toasted sheet, and Maki- which means roll.


This is the most common sushi type which does not comprise of any sort of fish, and is sweet. Inari is a pouch like piece of tofu that is fried deep. It is simmered in sugar, soy sauce, dashi and mirin. Named after Inari a Shinto God, this sushi can also be made with rice mixed with other ingredients. The versatility of this dish makes it a very good and convenient finger food.

Gunkan Maki

Another type of maki roll or wrap which was invented in the 1940s in Ginza. Leaving enough space on top for other ingredient fillings, it is amde with a wide nori strip around a ball of rice. The very popular toppings for this sushi are, uni sea urchin, squid, salmon roe, negitoro, potato salad, and kanimiso.


Temaki resembles an ice-cream cone. Different ingredients and rice are held within a nori sheet, wrapped into a cone shape.


Narezushi is made out of fish and rice preserved for several months and years in water and salt. Commonly known as the most original form of sushi when it comes to different sushi types. Although the rice was discarded before people would eat it. Just so the rice could also be eaten along with the fish, the period of fermentation became short. Giving rise to several different modern sushi types.


Also called scattered sushi, it is a bowl of rice with different toppings and ingredients. It is available in all of Japan very conveniently in super stores and food courts.


Not a very common sushi type in Japan and specifically across the globe. But it is a very common sushi type that can be easily made at home using small round balls of rice pressed, topped with a thin layer of fish along with other different ingredients.



This pressed form of sushi is also called hakozushi- sushi that is boxed. This sushi has originated from Osaka, in which different ingredients and the fish are cut into rectangular shapes, making layers into a box shaped sushi. The toppings are placed in various arrangements, making this sushi a choice for bento boxes and gift boxes.

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