Cool Window Decor Inspirations That Might Be Just What Your House Needs

Perhaps the most effortless piece that can make any house come to life is a window. The bright sunlight streaming inside the halls, the ability to look outside, a connection with the outside world and with the nature…not only these benefits make your house feel fresher, but it feels healthier as well.

Large windows or small, they always look better if they are suited with a little bit of decoration. You can obviously opt to keep your windows bare as well, if that is your aesthetic. However, for those leaning towards window decor, we have just the inspirations and ideas which are guaranteed to help you!

Lace, Sheer Curtains Or Blinds!

First and foremost, perhaps the most easiest way to tackle window decor is through the use of curtains. Now, there are many types of curtains that you can go for (even blinds!) all depending upon the type of theme being followed in that particular room. If you have a more vintage theme going on, go for lace curtains! For a Instagram type/Chic theme, go for white sheer curtains, and for a monochrome, classy theme, go for blinds!

The Power Of Fairy-lights/Christmas Lights

Fairy-lights have the ability to spark up the whole place with just a simple click of a button. They are effortless and can make a place feel comfortable, cozy and magical! Be it day or night, the addition of glowing fairy-lights will add the perfect amount of decor needed for your window. Moreover, you can even do a sheer curtain and fairy-lights combo!

A Few Potted Plants To Go!

One of the most highly recommended window decor tools are potted plants. Just pop and arrange a few cute potted plants on the window sills and you’re good to go! This window decor idea will not only look classy, but it will add to the fresh, nature-loving and healthy vibe of the house. If you are unable to take care of plants, or fear that they may die in your house environment, you can even opt for fake plants. They are available in a variety of sizes and most even look legit. Hanging plants can also work!

Well-Arranged China

Think of Victorian styled homes..some well-placed china come into mind? Well, learning from our Victorian ancestors, placing a few China decorative pieces can bring a very neat, clean, and cozy vibe to the house. It is highly decorative and requires almost no effort! However, it must be noted that perhaps it is not the safest option for people who have toddlers running around.

A Comfortable Reading Bench

This window decor idea is our top pick! Sadly, it is limited for window sills which have a bench-space. The trick is to simply add bedding to the bench, a few throw pillows, a throw-blanket and tada! You now the perfect spot to sip on a warm cup of tea, read a book and just relax!

The truth is that each window decor inspiration and idea depends upon the kind of theme that you are going for. Thus, before you move on to deciding the decor for your window, you first might have to consider the theme of your house.

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