Condominiums, Bylaws & The Art of Changing The Rules

Majority of us who make the switch to taking residence in a condo feel like it has been one of the absolute best decisions of their life. After all, condos provide you with the perfect medium to sit back, relax and worry about a few less things. However many the benefits, we all still haven’t quite adjusted with the extensive paperwork, the rules and the condo bylaws. A few people even joke about gaining a law degree in order to understand the paper work.

The Rules and The Bylaws Of Condos

In short and easy words, condominium bylaws are a set of self-governing rules and regulations, set up to protect the interest of the owners. According to the bylaws, its administered policies that look over at a number of things like, maintenance and administration of the association. Moreover, it also includes meetings, voting, the budget and assessment, including the special assessment. Furthermore, it also concerns itself with the restrictions on the use of the units and the rules of the common areas.

Before Changing The Rules…

Now that you are aware of what the bylaws entail and how they function, its time to dive into the real stuff: Changing the rules.

However, first, you must ask yourself: Why do i wish to change the rule? Will it improve the quality of life? Is the said quality of life only improving for myself or for everyone involved? Am I sure that this change will not result in any ripple affects? Am I sure that its respecting every parties’ human rights?

If the answer for the above mentioned questions is positive then lets try to understand how the changing of rules work in a condominium.

The Rules Are Not Locked In

While the rules are the law for the condos, it must be understood that at the end of the day, they are not locked in. Changing the rules also highly depends on how long since the rules were first originally made and if they are up to date with the modern living. If there are factors that need to be considered for the rules to be up to date with the modern standard of living, the considerations can be taken up to the board for an increased chance of positive reviewing.

All The Residents Have A Say

Let’s say that the board has agreed to look into the matter. Now the next step is for all the residents to agree as well. Since everyone shares that space of living, it is everyone’s right to have it to be as comfortable as possible. Thus, the rules like allowance of pets, heavily depend upon the voting and the views of the residents.

The condominium bylaws protect the right and comfort of all, thus, holding an informal meeting or circulating the proposition if a common way to gain the votes and the views that you might need.

If both the factors work in your favor, i.e. the board agrees to consider the change or update to the rules, and the residents are on board with you as well, then your chances of getting the rule approved have increased immensely. However, once again, it must be noted that the rule honors the rights of every resident.

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