Condos & Costa Rica: The Perfect Duo

We have been seeing memes along the lines of “Name a better duo, I’ll wait” , well, here is a duo that you might have been searching for your whole life!

Normally, when we think of Costa Rica, our imagination remains limited to holidays and a well-deserved vacation, surrounded by fresh air and nature. However, what if we told you that you can actually buy a condo in Costa Rica and live there, should you wish.

Known for its relaxing beaches, magnificent volcanoes, and breathtaking forestation, Costa Rica is the perfect place to start a healthy lifestyle.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are already seriously considering buying/renting a condo in Costa Rica. Thus, here are a few things that you must be prepared for before you take that big yet excitingly beautiful decision:

Self-Education On The Rules And Bylaws

Each condo community is comprised of several policies, rules and of course, the bylaws. If you are seriously considering a condo in Costa Rica, then prepare yourself to go through a ton of paperwork thoroughly. Moreover, prepare yourself to follow the rules and stick to the guidelines for the best condo experience.

Apart from that, its best to look into the bylaws, rules and regulations of the specific condo community that you are considering. It will help you to know and understand if you are well-equipped to stick to those specific rules.

A Blend Of Community And Privacy

Living in a condo is both a private, as well as a social affair. For one, you have a community surrounding you, people who you run into often as a condo community is comprised of many common areas. However, at the same time, a condo allows you to have your own privacy as well, should you wish.

The Probable Noise

As you would be living in a community comprised of many common areas, chances are that they might be noisy too at certain occasions. Of course, it will not be a noisy affair to an extent that you might lose your mind, as each resident is made to follow the community guidelines. However, it is best to consider this factor and plan or prepare accordingly.

A Conflict Settler

Living in a condo comes with many benefits. One of the highly appreciated benefits is having an official conflict settler, formally known as the condo property manager. This property manager is there to assist and help in case of any conflicts with the neighbors. What’s more is that since each resident is required to follow the rules, the chances of a conflict arising in the first place is decreased a great deal.

Lacking Storage

When it comes to condos, each is different. However, many of the condos share a similar feature: there is a lack of storage space. Thus, before purchasing, check if the specific condo has the optimal amount of storage space for you. This will ensure that you will not regret any decisions later on. Moreover, you can even refer to the internet to learn the many different ways of managing small storage space condos.

So let us ask you: Name a better duo, we will wait.

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