Condo Cleaning Hacks You Wish You Had Known Sooner

Peaches and cream is not something that we used to describe the rather exhausting process of cleaning and maintaining your wonderful condo space. With each new season, each new house party and each holiday, you wish you were far far away from the demanding responsibilities of cleaning the house.

While completely exempting you from this responsibility is something that we cannot do, unless you wish to hire a cleaning service, what we can do is make the whole ordeal a little less daunting and a little more easier for you. So bring your cup of hot tea, sit back, relax and let us tell you the different condo cleaning hacks that have made our life easier.

1)Battle Smelly Garbage With Some Lemon

Garbage smells and turns the vibe off of the whole place. Since condominiums are not made to be quite spacious, every room is nearer to the other, making it likely that you’ll be smelling your garbage until its time to dump it in the garbage truck. However, here is a hack: Use lemons! Cut up some lemon and add some fine, small slices to the garbage bin.

2)Floors Looking Like New!

One of the best ways to clean your floors is through the use of the rule of 3: water, detergent and a rag. scrubbing the floors with this formula will not only leave it looking shiny, bright and new, but it will also ensure that all the bacteria is eliminated.

3)Vinegar For Water Spots

Even the most beautifully made water taps can end up looking grubby, old and lifeless if there are the hideous water spots on it. What’s more is that the water spots fail to leave your tap’s side no matter how hard you try and no matter what kind of a detergent you use. However, using vinegar can work like magic and it is guaranteed to rid you off of those yuck-y water spots.

4)Baking Soda For Laundry

The use of baking soda is not limited to the kitchen. In fact, you can have a brighter and much cleaner looking laundry through a cup full of baking soda. All that you have to do is add the baking soda into the wash and then wait for the laundry to dry to see the magic!

5)Rubbing Alcohol For Steel Appliances

If you own stainless steel appliances then chances are that you too are tired of the not so great looking fingerprint markings on them. However, here is a cool way to rid yourself from these markings. Simply use a cloth and some rubbing alcohol. If you want to go the extra mile, then opt for a microfiber cloth and a few drops of olive oil.

6)Vinegar And Dish Soap For Shower Scum

Shower scum is truly one of the most yuck-y things to exist when it comes to cleaning the house. The built up grime and soap residue is also quite hard to get rid of. However, through the use of equal parts of vinegar and dish soap on a sponge, you can easily clean the grime out and have your shower space looking like new again!

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