Cabinet Decor Ideas That Are Sure To Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home!

Buying or renting the perfect apartment, condo or house is more than just finding the structure best suited to your needs. Sometimes, people focus all their energy and effort into renting or leasing out the best place and then focusing on the kind of furniture which would compliment the place the most, in accordance with its placement. However, here is a truth: the secret ingredient which makes any apartment, condo or house feel more like home is the decor of the place.

When we say decor, we do not just mean the most trendy lights, some random wall-art or a glass piece to display at the center table; what we mean is the kind of decor that speaks to the owners, the kind that speaks to you.

In order to make a place feel like home, it is crucial that it should somehow represent you and your personality through its decor. This means that one has to ditch the meaning-less, random art decor and instead opt for a piece that communicates with you. One of the most underrated type of decor is cabinet decor.

What Is Cabinet Decor?

In basic terms, cabinet decor refers to how you choose to decorate your kitchen or bedroom cabinets. Most people target the empty space between the ceiling and top of the cabinets to place their choice of decor items.

If you feel like your kitchen looks far too generic with not enough life to it then decor of cabinets is definitely what you should go towards. Here is some of the cabinet decor ideas that might help inspire you!

1)Plants, Plants And Some More Plants!

We have said this before and we will say it again: Adding a bit of green to your house will not just add life, but your space will also look a lot more fresh and will feel much healthier as well! People chose to go towards small plants like the money plant (real or fake) to arrange on top of their cabinets. Some of the branches even hang down lose over the cabinets and the kitchen automatically feels much more cozier, fresher and healthier!

2)Twine/Metal Baskets

Baskets are not only affordable, but they are also appealing and add to the cozy, comfy vibe of the house. But more than these two qualities, baskets are the perfect solution to storage problems, especially for people living in places that do not offer up much room for storage, like condominiums. Decorating your cabinets with rows of baskets will certainly look pleasing to the eye, and it will help you store items that you are not in the need of, on a daily basis. Moreover, you can also use it as a mini pantry of sorts.

3)Plant and Mango Crate Combo

Another highly affordable, economically friendly and pleasing to the eye idea is the wonderful combo of plants and mango crates. It must be noted that the crates can be used as a storage space, or they can even be placed side-ways as decor frames to include decor like sign boards and china dishes.

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