9 Vital Pros And Cons Of Democracy

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A democracy is a prevalent and well-known government system where eligible members of your state or the entire population have a right to give their opinion when the decisions have been made. There are certain pros and cons of democracy one should be aware of.

It is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning “Rule of the People”, where the local members of your state will decide their leader and whom they want to follow. In this voting in an election has been done to choose that who is going to represent each state. It can also be done between the business and personal decision.

Democracy does not come with their own set of flaws, but instead, it is due to the leader. Now let’s look at the list of pros and cons of democracy


Advantages Of Democracy

1. It Is By The People And For The People.

It is a favorite kind of government method of involving local communities in the country’s political, social and economic issues so that they can be sure that whatever government will make the local community will follow the decision will support them and will take an interest in whatever is happening.

2. It Promotes A Sense Of Involvement.

When the local community will have the power to vote and give their decision because of this the local members of your state will feel their importance. It will provide a considerable impact on whole society and the country as well.

3. It Imposes Equality.

Every single person has an equal weight of giving votes. This way all of them will feel that they are identical. There will be no complex in people minds that they are less than anyone. It will make every single person that they are essential.

4. It Does Not Put Power Into A Single Individual.

Here every single person in your community has the power not only the person. It will reduce the misunderstanding and will help the government to take all the state together. Also, just like kingdoms, it is a very fair way of government promoting equality.

5. It Provides An Obligation To Citizens.

Democracy helps people to be responsible and be involved in motivating the ruling power. It will be the government’s duty to make the members of the state satisfied who voted them. It means that they have to dedicate their success to all the citizens because due to them they were in this position. Such motivation can help these officials work towards policies and goals they were elected to impose.

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Disadvantages Of Democracy

1. It Risks Lack Of Knowledge Among The People.

As all the citizens have the power to vote and choose their leader. Maybe some of the people have no idea about politics or they have not been informed on political issues as it should be which means many of them don’t have any knowledge about relevant issues. This may lead to the wrong decision, and the corrupt leader will be chosen which is not good for the entire state.

2. It Would Allow Mob Influence.

The most drawbacks to democracy are the possibility of the mob that they still have an influence. Where is voting has been done by the public but even crowds can sidetrack voters? Sometimes voters can be distracted by the supporters of the particular leader; this all is done just to win the election. Then the election will be everywhere, and nobody will focus on the politics that need to be changed.

3. It Is Prone To The “Free Time Rules” System.

Mostly in democracy people who have no time at all, they are not able to attend all the meeting which is organised by the government so that the government can take their decision wisely. Whereas people who are free they try attending all the meetings frequently.

4. It May Have Difficulties To Avoid Shortfalls.

It is not essential that all the political system has a fault; it is not always the best option because everyone has a different point of views different aspects so it can make things complexed. Since it is not very long procedure so the political system should also be short terms.


Government is good or bad it depends on so many points. Judging the government is not an easy job at all; especially in a democracy, it is very complicated. Government system gave us significant economic and social success, but we cannot guarantee you that all the countries out there have succeeded. The best way to have an idea about what to do is weigh pro and cons of democracy and have an in-depth look at the political system from all the sides. You can also compare it with other countries which are successful and then take your decision and chose the best leader for your state who can guide you towards the success.

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